Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brynlee's Love for Books

Our little Brynlee loves books! She loves to be read to and "read" to herself and us. It is so fun and I really think that part of the reason she knows so many words is that she has heard so many from books.Some of Brynlee's favorite books are the Llama Llama books. They are about a cuddly little llama and his adventure with his Mama. A few weeks ago the library was having a llama llama reading day and invited some very special guests.Brynlee was in heaven! She was so cute. She waited in line so patiently to meet the llama and her mama (who were actually Alpacas, because they are smaller and have a better temperment). It was interesting that they brought the Alpacas into the library, but they were well behaved. They were very soft and Brynlee loved petting them. She kept saying she wanted a llama! One of the llamas kept trying to bite the bow off of her head and it was cracking Brynlee up! When it was time to go she gave them each a hug and told them "See ya next time." She is still a little disappointed every time we go the library that the llamas aren't there. By the way, Logan was in the stroller and was fascinated with the animals. He was squealing and laughing and kicking his little legs. Maybe we should get a llama to entertain the kids!

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