Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 months going on 2 years

Our little handsome boy is 7 months going on 2 years. It is so fun to see him learning new things and his personality coming out. He is really so sweet and happy! While we love to watch him grow, he is growing up way to fast!

Logan seriously thinks that he is two just like his sister. When she laughs, he laughs. When she goes in the kitchen, so does he. He is always watching her and trying to figure out what she is doing. He loves his big sis and most of the time she really enjoys having a side kick. I hope they will always be little buddies!
Logan is learning some new tricks too. He is scooting all around on this tummy and getting into trouble. This boy is fast and determined; not a good combo. Standing up was next on his list and he has mastered that. He pulls up on everything he can. When he does stand up he gets the biggest smile and looks around the room for me. I could watch him do that all day long.

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