Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red River Rally

Bryce belongs to a cycling group, here in Lexington, called the Bluegrass Cycling Club. The first weekend of October the club hosted a weekend of riding, the Red River Rally, in and near the Red River George. Bryce decided that he would ride the 40 mile bike ride on Saturday and talked his Friend Scott Hill into riding it with him. It was a freezing day, but we packed up the kids and all of the coats and headed out. It took a little over and hour to get to the starting point.
Once we got there, Bryce realized that he had left his helmet on the couch in our living room. Not good! He went asking around and found a child size helmet that would have to do.
Brynlee is such a Daddies girl and she didn't want her daddy to rid off and leave her. She was also freezing! It really was very cold. I think it was in the low 40's.Luckily the club had registration set up in the Stanton Seniors Center so I took the kids in there and we eat lunch and played around until Bryce was due back on his bike.After the ride, the club provided a great lunch. We didn't hang around long because we had cold tired kids but it was a really fun experience and it was nice to get support Bryce.

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Erin said...

Good job Bryce! You two are the crazy-active-adventure couple. I wish we were that cool.