Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Evan's Orchard with Evan

Every Fall we head on over to our favorite Orchard for some apple picking and playground. There is no better way to enjoy our beautiful fall weather. We invited the Hadfields to meet us there. Brynlee and Evan are best friends so we knew we were all in for a really fun day. When those two get together there is always fun!Logan had fun sitting in the corn box! It is so much more fun than any sand box ever was.We also took the kids through the small corn maze at the Orchard. The kids were so excited and only ran off and got lost in the corn once, which we are calling a success. I think both kids came out with an ear of corn as a trophy.

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Erin said...

Holy crazy blogger! Way to go! And um your kids are way too cute for their own good. I mean seriously, Brynlee in her dance outfit?? No wonder Evan loves her so much :)

Evan was looking at this with me and saw some photos of Logan and looks at Ashtyn, "Look Ashtyn, there is Logan, your favorite friend!"