Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Update

We went to the doctor on Wednesday and they did and ultrasound to get measurements and a weight estimate on our little girl. This is her face I guess. That is what the ultrasound tech said anyway. It was a lot harder to tell what was what this time since she is so smushed up and folded over.
Good news is she is still a she!
She measures the right size for her age!
I still feel great and am still realatively comfortable. I am dialated to a one, but that has been the case for a month now. My doctor went out of town this week and she was fairly confident that I would still be pregnant when she got back. So if I don't have the baby this next week then the following week, she will induce me. Bryce has lots of tests next week so he is fine with me being induced the following week even though he is busting to see the baby.
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