Friday, January 23, 2009

Babies Room on a Budget!

Welcome to Brynlee's room!!

Changing table and painted frames to match the rest of her room.
(Picture frames are still empty, I need to fix that.)

Bryce's Mom got us this cute pink and brown bedding for Christmas and the dots are ebay! They turned out really cute and are landlord approved!

This is a really bad picture, but an awesome lady in my ward made this growth chart and gave it to me as a shower present. Best part about this one is that I can take it with us when we move! (It really is adorable. The picture does no justice. It is white with brown marks are flowers with rhinestones in the centers.)

Baskets are filled with clothes and the essentials (diapers, butt paste...). The wood crates were handcrafted to fit the changing table by the hubs! (Great job babe!! Thanks!) They still need handles cut and to be painted...details.

We are super excited to get our baby girl home and into her new room!
Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

Susie said...

Well, good thing I didn't send that stuff to you, because it's pink and green, not pink and brown.
I love your bedding, though, because I BOUGHT IT! That's the same stuff I bought with my insurance money!
I love it. So cute!
Maybe I'll see if I can get some pink and brown stuff printed for you instead.