Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

P.J.'s are the official dress code of Christmas morning, so Bryce and I were looking good in front of the tree this year.
Bryce and I had a great Christmas this year! It was our last Christmas without kids bopping around! We are excited to do Christmas shopping for a little one next year.

Bryce's mom does a really great job decorating the house for Christmas.
Everyone was home for Christmas this year so the living room got pretty trashed with torn paper, bows tossed aside, and scattered gifts. That a good sign of a great Christmas I think.
Thanks again to the Jones for the awesome Christmas week and all the great gifts!
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The Johnson's said...

Are you ready? I sure hope so!!! Good luck in the coming weeks. I hope all goes well. I would love to come and see her when you are out of the hospital. I will give you a jingle.