Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

Bryce's family makes gingerbread house on Christmas Eve. Here is the finished products of mine and Bryce's creative endeavors. It is always fun to see what Bryce's younger brothers come up with. This year they made a modular home and a camp trailer complete with 4wheeler and campfire.

After the gingerbread houses, we have a family home evening type deal. We read the nativity out of Luke and Denise, Bryce's mom, has flannel board activites, poems, short stories and a puzzel that we do before we sing Christmas hymns and other Christmas songs. Then its off to bed for Santa to come!
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Susie said...

Hey, I remember that little ladder to the tree!
We made gingerbread houses and did the nativity thing, too! We didn't do all that other fun stuff, though. It looks like you had a nice Christmas. Next year will be fun with Brynlee crawling into everything, but it won't be too crazy until she's about 4, I think!