Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jones Family Snow Removal Service

No Snow to deep for this hard playing crew.
Car stuck in the garage? Drift in front for the barn door? Sidewalks slick?
Just call this looney crew that loves the cold weather, white soft slush and working a plow!
There will be a minimal charge of a large mug of hot chololate.

No, really Bryce and I love the snow of Utah! We have had some really fun winters sledding, sking, building snowmen and plowing! Bryce and I couldn't resist jumping on the 4wheeler for a little fun behind the handle bars of the plow. Apprently Rick, Bryce's dad, couldn't either because he was at the controls of his backhoe most days. He comes to the rescue of all the people in town as he goes up and down the streets clearing drive ways, the church parking lot and making way into neighbors barns. What a nice guy!
We figure that there was about 2- 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground. On Christmas we measured 8 inches of new snow on the picnic table.

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Lil Lancaster Fam said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I am getting really excited for that new baby! You guys are so cute. Have a wonderful New Year!