Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow in Vegas

I flew out for Christmas a few days before Bryce and met up with the folks in Las Vegas. It was so fun! My mom and dad are so fun! While we were there is snowed a little! It was so funny. Mom and I were at the mall shopping for baby stuff (Mom's favorite thing to do!) when the snow really started to come down. It was crazy to see the palm trees covered with snow. It didn't last too long, on the strip at least, because it starting raining. But were we were in Las Vegas they got close to 2 inches.

Some one even made a little snowman in the parking lot and he made it through the night was there to greet us the next morning. I am so blessed to have parents that will drive 5 hours each way and get a condo for 5 days just to hang out with their pregnant daughter. It was really fun to see them and visit with them. Plus, they brought me AZ oranges, which are to die for!
Saturday, the 19th, Bryce flew in Friday afternoon and we went out to dinner with my mom and dad before they took off for Phoenix and a televised BYU bowl game and Bryce's mom and dad picked us up to go to Enterprise Saturday morning.
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