Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love Halloween! I love it! I love dressing up! I love the weather! I love the parties! I love how excited all the kids are! I love that everyone that works at Kroger dresses up. I love making Halloween cookies and treat. I love carving pumpkins. You get the idea.

I knew this probably would be my last year of picking Brynlees costume so I had to make it a good one. We have a Papa, Mama and Baby and one blonde curly haired girl so the obvious choice was Goldilocks and the Three Bears!
Brynlee's dance class had a Halloween party. Isn't her teacher fun! Brynlee really likes Miss Mindy. Next up was the Ward party. It was a carnival type party and AnnMarie Grigg and I worked on this photo booth together. She is a great artist and drew this out. I just help paint.
Of course Brynlee found her Best Bud Evan aka Woody.
Hey you two, what are you doing under that hat!We had the Hadfield's over for some pumpkin carving fun. This is what we came up with. So from left to right we have Evan, Erin, Brandon, mine and Bryce's.On Halloween we went to the Grigg's house for Soup and "Snake Sandwich". Brynlee went as a cat because it was a little cold. She was a cat last year so it was pretty easy. She had a BLAST trick or treating! She was so cute running up to the doors. By they end of the night her bag was so heavy she was dragging it. I had so much fun watching her trick or treat. Logan was pretty good to hang out in the stroller and take in all the action.


Just the Seven of Us said...

So fun to look through your pics! Amazing how time flies, soon we'll be REALLY employed! :) I love looking at the pictures outside your home - such great memories!

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