Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Logan's Birth Story

Warning: Long Post

Thursday, March 3rd I had a doctors appointment. I measured 5cm and was 90% effaced. The doctor was honestly surprised that I was not in active labor. She sent me home since my mom wasn't coming into town until Saturday and I was in no hurry deliver; I was still feeling pretty good. She did however, tell me to stay close the hospital. So I picked up Brynlee from a friends and we went home to pack bags for everyone just in case.

Well it was a good thing we packed up because later that evening the contractions started up! They weren't ever strong, but pretty consistent. Bryce was still at school, so I called him and had him come home just in case. We ate dinner, took a walk and then decided to call the doctor. She said to come on in since she was on call. Great! We dropped Brynlee off to have a "sleep over" with the Dickens and headed to the hospital.

We got the hospital a little after 10pm and by midnight all the paper work was done and I was hooked up to an IV. My first bag of antibiotics was done by 2am and they broke my water at 4:45am. I got my epidural shortly after, which was terrible!! The first epidural hit spinal fluid and had to be moved. LAME! Try number two hit a nerve or something and I starting vomiting on top of having terrible contractions!! Fun! Finally they got it adjusted and I was good to go.

The nurse left us and said to call when I was ready to push. Well, I was feeling the urge and held off for a little while because I was not going to push to 2 hours like I did with Brynlee. The doctor came in and checked me and Logan's head was +2 which means he was ready to deliver. Four pushes later they handed me my baby boy at 6:54am.

I was surprised at how big he was and one of the first things I said was "WOW! Get that kid on the scale. I want to see what he weighs." The nurses cleaned him up and he was a whopping 8 lbs. 3 oz. He nursed pretty quickly after being born and eats like a champ!

This deliver was so much more enjoyable than when I delivered Brynlee. It was very relaxed, pain free and quick. My hospital stay was fantastic and Brynlee loved coming to see her little brother, but mostly liked showing off for the nurses and running around the hospital!


The Johnson's said...

its a lot different with your second. I was more coherent and observant since I had been through it before. I dont know where I was when Sage was born because I barely remember a thing. It was so much more enjoyable with Paisley, however I still pushed for almost two hours with her like I did him. I should have waited like you.

Im glad it all went well and you didnt have to be induced. On my next I hope to do the whole thing natural, meaning no induction, I still want the meds!

Ashlee said...

Love birth stories! Glad little Logan is here and doing well!

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

I'm so glad all went well! Congrats Jones' fam! I almost texted you like 50 times because I was dying to know this little one's name!

Angela said...

I love birth stories too and am glad it went well!

allyson said...

So glad all worked out with the boy. Sorry about the meds. They didn't get it in right for Maryanne but I just said leave it and don't mess with it. I was mostly numb but could still feel things...it was not as bad as yours for sure.