Sunday, September 5, 2010

Camping at Myrtle Beach

The day after Brynlee and I got home from Arizona we were on the road, with Dad this time, to Myrtle Beach, SC. It was a pretty fast turn around so it was a whirl wind 24 hours of packing, unpacking and rounding up gear.

We stayed with friends in Lexington, SC to break up the drive and give us more time to set up camp once we got the beach. Oh yeah did I mention we were camping for 4 nights in the state park. Yep that's what you do when you are poor dental school students. You camp for 4 days at the beach, in the summer, with a toddler.
Good thing she was a happy camper!

We spent everyday, pretty much all day at the beach playing. Many sand castles were built, much sitting in the waves was done and a whole lot of relaxing fun was had by all.

One evening we headed down to the board walk and main tourist area. It was like a whole different world from our primitive camp ground in the woods. Shops and lights, food you don't have to light a fire to cook, and clean people everywhere, it was great.
There was is always a down fall to a great summer. LAUNDRY!! After camping and our Arizona trip there was lots of laundry to be done.

Just a side note, after this summer I have decided that Brynlee is my amazing traveling baby. She did a fantastic job on the airplane to and from Arizona and a great job in the car to and from Myrtle Beach. Thanks Brynlee for making trips so easy and fun to take with you!

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angela said...

Hooray! Your blog is alive! I am seriously so jealous that you went to the beach. Looks like it was a lot of fun! It gives me courage to go camping more than 1 hour away from home next year...