Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, Bryce's brother, Daniel, came for a visit with his friend Nate. Bryce had Friday and Monday off of school so it was perfect timing. We did a lot of super fun things. Here is the run down:

Daniel and Nate got in late Wednesday night so Brynlee and I let the boys sleep in and we met Bryce for lunch at the Arboretum. It was a beautiful day! There were a trillion kids in arboretum that day on a field trip, but we managed to snag a picnic table under a tree.
For dinner we all packed up and headed to Jacobson park for a BBQ. There were a bunch of baby ducks to feed and the hamburgers were delicious! To top off this perfect day, we had dutch oven cobbler with cream!

We packed up the car, the baby gear and some snacks and hit to road for Kirtland, Ohio. I was a little worried about Brynlee screaming the entire way, but she was AMAZING! I had to read her the same book about 157 times but we made it 5 1/2 hours in the car with no major melt downs! We stopped at the Columbus temple for a stretch and to feed the baby. Side notes, thanks to all the boys, including my hubby for being so flexible, with diaper and feedings, the entire trip. We pulled into the EconoLodge for the night, but not before a tasty dinner at a fantastic Mexican food joint and a WalMart run.

After a great nights sleep, we headed over to the Kirtland temple. We went on the tour, given by the Community of Christ church, who know own the temple. It was great to see the temple because so many great things in our church's history happened their, but the Spirit isn't there. It is kind of an erie feeling. After the temple, we headed to church owned village. We visited the sawmill, ashery, inn, Whitney home and Whitney store. The school of the prophets in the Whitney store was my favorite on the tour because of the spirit that was there, but I also really enjoyed learning about what was sold in the store, how the saw mill worked and what and ashery was. After a few snack we headed over the Morley farm and then the Johnson farm. I am so glad that we took time to take this trip. I learned so much about the church and felt the spirit.

After a late night drive home ending at 3am, we got a late start to church. After the block we went to Waveland State Park and took a tour of a Civil War mansion. It was really neat. Very big and fancy. We learned a lot about how people around here lived during that era and about the slaves here in Kentucky. Daniel, the genealogist informed us that the Bryan family who owned the home are great great great....somethings of the Jones Family. After a seafood dinner it was off to bed.

The boys were planning a bike trip, but we woke up to thunder and rain so that was a no go and we all went back to bed. After lunch, Daniel and Nate took off the second half of their road trip adventure and Bryce and I took Brynlee for her first swim and the YMCA.


The Whitten Family said...

Hi Lora,
I'm so glad you commented...I LOVE your blog and all the cute pictures of Brynlee! She is growing like a your garden, too, by the way. Sounds like a wonderful Memorial day! One year down, can you believe it?!

AmyKristen said...

Oh my gosh! Love all the photos from Memorial Day. Lora, you look tiny!!! Did you forget that you just had a baby and you're not supposed to be back into perfect shape!!!