Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing So Fast!

We have been busy lately with our growing baby! She is just so fun!

We are so blessed to have one of those amazing sleeping babies. Brynlee has been sleeping through the night EVERY night for awhile now. Most nights she twirls around in her crib and ends up in the corner sideways or something. What a thumb sucker too! She spits out her pacifier in the night and starts sucking on the little thumb of hers.

"I'm ready for the beach Mom."
She loves her little sunglasses. A girl in our ward gave them to us and Brynlee just thought they were great.

She's getting really strong, I tell ya. What a skinny mini!

Brynlee's new favorite toy. Who knew 4 scraps of fabric and some batting could be so fun! She love these little rings I made her. We have to take them everywhere. It's a good thing they can get thrown in with the laundry because most days they are covered in baby slobber.

She is awake and very alter most of the day. I love it! She is really cooing and squealing a TON these days. Doing the dishes isn't to terrible when you hear a sweet little baby in the next room talking up a storm.
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Jacklyn said...

Oh cute little Brynee I told you those rings were sweet!

Rockin' Richins said...

You are so crafty, I am so jealous! Cole is soooo going to hit on her... ;)