Friday, March 20, 2009

Tummy to back

WARNING! The following video may hurt your ears. Turning down the volume is recommended.
Brynlee was 6 weeks yesterday!


Susie said...

"Mom! I'm trying to tell you that I do NOT like tummy time!"
My kids didn't get their arms under them that young, either. In fact, the girl I'm babysitting (4 months old developmentally) can't do it. Nor can she roll over. Or grab anything.
Just watch out. She'll be sitting up at 3 1/2 months like Zach was! Or worse, walking at 7 months like Ken was! Aaaaaaaaah!

Jacklyn said...

cute cute baby...I was also wondering how you got the link to the church website on the side???

angela said...

She's definitely an all-star in my book!

Lil Lancaster Fam said...

what size diapers is she wearing here? She looks so big. I was just looking at our friends blog they had there baby the same week as you. Their little girl looks tiny! I am dying to see Brynlee, and your brother is being a pain in the butt!! If you want to make something work we need to get talking! I will try to have him call you tomorrow or Sunday(your saturday) He thinks it is not that big of a deal since we just saw you at Havasupi. URGHH! I understand he is just worried about time and money. It is not looking like a option to come to Kentucky. But maybe we could meet somewhere on the east coast? Or just hope you guys make it to Germany? Looks like we are missing Ryan and Susie as well. What a bummer. Now that I am writing a novel I realize I should have just emailed. Sorry.