Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rolling Over!

That's right, last night while Bryce and I were eating dinner we let Brynlee have some tummy time on a blanket. The next thing we know she rolled over and was looking up at us from her back like, "What's for dinner guys?". Thinking it was a fluke I rolled her back over to her tummy and she immediately rolled to her back! So we kept putting her on her tummy and she kept rolling over. She did it again this morning after her bath. The crazy thing is she is only 5 weeks old. She'll be six weeks on Thursday. I hope I'm not in trouble here. We might have our hands full with this little mover and shaker!

I keep trying to get a video of her rolling over but she is camera shy. Every time I get the camera out she lies down very calmly and won't even lift up her head. I'll sneak up on her and she if I can't catch her in the act in the next few day.


Lil Lancaster Fam said...

Good a strong one! That is great. Or at least I think so. I have some friends whose babes don't roll over for a long time. Be sure to give a gentle reminder to friends or sitters. Some don't think they roll that soon! DYING to see Brynlee! we got your announcement today way cute!!

Susie said...

Holy cow! Yeah, you've graduated early from "blob that can lay anywhere." The little girl I watch can't really roll over, and she's 6 months old (except 2 months early, so really she's 4 months). It's nice to have a stationary blob!

Good call, Erin, on warning people who watch her for you. She's awfully precocious!