Saturday, February 28, 2009

On Our Own

After we had Brynlee my Mom came to stay with us for 2 weeks. It was WONDERFUL to have her with us. She spoiled us all!
All I had to do for two weeks was snuggle with my baby, feed her and sleep. My mom took care of the rest! She cooked and cleaned and did our laundry. She even made Bryce lunch everyday. My favorite part was just hanging out with my mom. We mostly sat around talking and holding the baby.

It was sad to see her go. (Even Brynlee was sad, look at her face.) We all miss her very much! We can't wait to see her in July!

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singingrae said...

It's always hard to see the family leave, especially when there's a new baby around. I thought I appreciated my family before McKay, but now...they are SO WONDERFUL. When we moved here a month after he was born, I had no idea how I would survive alone.
So, if you ever need an extra pair of hands or arms, give me a call. :) Hope you are doing well. Brynlee is darling!

Rockin' Richins said...

Moms all of the sudden become the smartest, nicest, and the most wonderful human beings on the planet when you become a mom! I cried and cried when my mom left! Moms rock! Aren't you glad we are moms now?!?