Thursday, January 29, 2009

No School :) No Power:(

Wednesday the dental school was closed and all classes canceled. We hear that this never happens so it was a treat. Bryce was home studying and I was about to start the laundry when....THE POWER GOES OUT!

If any of you know Bryce, you know that he is my super deals guy. He can out yard sale almost anyone, except his dad, and he can haggle with the best of them. He picked up a generator last summer on cragislist in anticiaption of our current scenario. This is not just your everyday run of the mill, joe six pack generator. This thing can power the entire neighborhood we found out! We had our fridge, tv, lamp and heater plugged in plus two other neighbors lamps and heaters. The little guy ran like a champ!
Bryce and his craiglist treasures save the day again!!

This post was brought to you by real Kentucky Utilites power!
Moments ago after being on generator power for 28 hours, we got out power back! (although flickering) Wahoo!
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The Johnson's said...

40 Weeks!!! Yeah. She is going to be here soon. And Nate is jealous of the generator!

Lil Lancaster Fam said...

crazy times. How nice to have that generator!

Getting close Brynlee!

And yes Hawaii was Awesome I can see you would have appreciated it as much as me! We came home to snow all over the ground here. But at least it is not as cold as it was before we left.

I do not like Icy roads. Be careful!

Jacklyn said...

Well aren't I just friend of the year I feel so bad you guys should have come over...or maybe I shouldn't be such a loser and I should have called. Sorry, But I know what ya mean I have been in the house all week ahhh I'm going crazy

angela said...

I can't believe how long you all lasted! Pregnant and all. . . you are superwoman!