Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Birthday Girl

Looking back through the pictures, Brynlee is a lucky girl. Lots of partying going on just for her. Grandma Lancaster sent Brynlee some money for her birthday and what else would she spend it on besides a princess dress up? 

Brynlee's Birthday was on a Sunday this year and so I thought it would be a great idea to take cupcakes in to nursery for snack time. Lesson learned! Nursery kids and cupcakes= gigantic mess and grumpy leaders. Also, fresh cupcake crumbs are kinda hard to vacuum.  

We invited Bryn's BFF over for dinner and his parents and baby sister tagged along too. Brynlee picked all the food. We had hotdogs, chocolate milk, jello and chips. Sounds about right for someone turning three. 

Oh and how could I for get that we had to make purple cupcakes with LOTS of sprinkles. 

The next celebration, got a little delayed. You see, I was invaded! Seriously! By a tiny little demand know as a kidney stone. After like a month of pain I finally got that bad boy blasted and life went on.  I don't know why I thought that Brynlee would be devastated if her birthday party with friends was much later than her birthday. She is turing three, which means calendar reading is still up to mom! So the party was moved back a bit and what a party it was. 

It was a puppy theme party so all the kids got a cute little invitation in a brown bag, that had all the party info printed on it, with a dog bone cookie inside. (Wish I would have taken a picture. Sad.) 
When the kids showed up the the party they got a puppy ears headband, a bandana and some face paint. Then they were free to play in the dog house or with the stuffed puppies that were strewn about as decorations. After everyone arrived, the party games began. We played pin to noes on the puppy and then all the little party pups reported to obedience school. The pups had to learn all sorts of things like to sit and were rewarded with a skittle. So funny! Next was lunch and cake. Lunch was hot dogs, puppy chow(chex mix), carrots and a juice box. The cake was the first cake I think I every successfully completed with out saying a swear word. For take home gifts, each kiddo got to adopt a puppy and name it. It also came with a collar and a bag of puppy food (coco pebbles.)

It was so fun to have all the little puppies over to celebrate Brynlee with us! Evan. Greg, Carson, Ashley and Addison. 

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