Monday, November 7, 2011

Summer Days

Every year we grow a garden and have learned that growing a garden in Kentucky is hard. There are so many bugs, so much rain and very rocky soil which are not at all similar to the type of gardening we are used to in Utah and Arizona. But this year I think we finally figured out what our garden will grow.

Sunflowers! We planted these from seeds thinking they would be fun for Brynlee, but I think Bryce and I loved they just as much as our little girl. We had such a wet start to our summer that our flowers would literally grow 6-8 inches in a day. We ended up with the tallest flower being about 8 1/2-9 feet tall. It was AMAZING! The stem was as big around as my arm.

These are just some cute summer evening shots of our cute kiddos hanging out in the yard.

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