Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 Months

Yep time is flying by, fast! Little Handsome is two months old.

Logan's Stats:
11 lb 6 oz.
24 inches

Things we love about our little man:
Smiles a lot!
Happy a lot!
Loves his bouncy seat and swing.
Not to keen on baths but loves having a shower with dad.
Puts up with all of Brynlee's "helping" really well
Sleeps from 10:30pm to 7am
Loves tummy time
Has such a sweet disposition
Survived potty training his sister (more on that later)
Beautiful blue eyes


Marlee said...

Awww great pictures! I just got home from visiting my new niece for the first time, she's 4 months old! So cute!!

Joy said...

Logan is adorable! He looks a lot like Brynlee.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

Listen, you cannot have two adorable bebes and leave the blog world for a month! We need updates! :)