Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Bug is 2!

Brynlee turned 2 and we had a party! She loves to read and so I thought what better way to celebrate than with one of her favorites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Everything about her party was inspired by the book; food, decorations, games, party favors, everything! It was such a fun party to plan. Pulling it off while being 4 weeks from my due date not so fun, but totally worth it. Brynlee loved it.

First up is the decorations.

Next up the party food. Which regrettably I did not get picture of but was inspired by this picture.
We ate foods from the story. Every food had a little pick just like the one in the picture connecting the food to the book.

We played two games. I used black pom poms and poster putty for the noses. Each kiddo got a nose to stick on the caterpillar.

The pinata was supposed to be one of those new pull string pinatas. You attach a bunch of strings to the bottom of the pinata with tape, but one very special string is attached to the inside of the bottom of the portions. When pulled it is supposed to pull of the bottom and release the candy, but this was my first pinata and it didn't exactly go as planned. Oh well. The kids still got the candy.

The cake was supposed to turn out like this, but I ran out of time and we just had green cupcakes. Oh well maybe next time. I didn't get a picture of the treat boxes either, but they were little green popcorn style boxes with pink filler paper. Each kiddo got a bag of gummy caterpillars, bubbles, two toy bugs and the candy they scavenged from the pinata.

All in all it was a great party. We celebrated with the Bylunds, Hadfields, Johnsons, and Dickens.

I can't believe she is two. She is so stinking fun, but I can see the terrible two's setting in and boy oh boy are we in trouble! What a sassafras!


Amber said...

It was such a cute party! Good job Lora!

Angela said...

Such a cute party! You are super mom!! She's growing up quick.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

I am oozing with jealousy! You are so talented! Such a cute idea!

Happy Birthday Brynlee! We think you are pretty cool!

All these Halls said...

What a cute b-day party! My daughter loves that book, what a great idea. Brynlee is a cutie!

Catherine Turley Hall

Tyler and Mikelle Jones said...

Dude Im really sad I am mission all these fam. activities.