Monday, March 15, 2010

Christmas 2009...Just a little late!

Before leaving for Arizona and Utah, we thought it would be best to do our Christmas presents at our house so we wouldn't have to drag them across the country and back.

After a few days in Phoenix we decided to head up the Mountains to visit Grandpa Lancaster in Snowflake. We only stayed one night with him, but it was a fun trip. As always we headed to Trappers for their yummy Chicken Fried Steaks. See those pants on Brynlee. Shortly after this picture they were thrown into the forest off the side of the road. We had an explosion incident! Yikes!

When we got back to the Valley, Grandma took us to the zoo. Brynlee loved the petting zoo.

Our friends, the Price's, moved to Chandler this summer so we caught up with them at the Mesa Temple. It was a short visit but it was so fun to see them.
This is my cute family on Christmas Eve! My "little" brother is the tall kid in the middle. He grows about foot each time I see him. The rest of these kids are cousins Can you tell who got to play baby Jesus this year?

Brynlee opening presents from Great Grandma Null with Dad and Brad, well he's being Brad.
It was a great first Christmas for Brynlee!


angela said...

Is it sacrilegious to say Brynlee makes a great baby Jesus?? haha

Amber said...

I love that last picture! "Mom, save me! Look at what Dad is doing to me!"