Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Kid Crafts

This little doll pattern is from Martha Stewart. It was really easy to whip up so make one for your little girl, or niece or granddaughter. Brynlee loves hers. I would recommend double stitching the arms and legs. Brynlee drags hers around the house so much one of the arms is ripping out of the seam.

I made a couple of these super cute and quiet potato heads for my niece and nephews. They are felt and velcro and perfect for your church bag or just around the house. I made a few face options also to mix it up.
With so many little boys in my family, I thought a car cozy would come in handy. The pockets at the bottom are "garages" for matchbox cars. Fold it up and throw it in your bag for car fun on the go.

Now, if you are my sister-in-law look for a package to come in the mail soon with a few suprise gifts too. :)


Joy said...

I love Love LOVE all the crafts you made! Look how fun! You're not going to know what to do with yourself after Christmas crafts!

Lckevan said...

Your potato head turned out really cute. I had a hard time with the felt, but maybe I will make another one.

Lil Lancaster Fam said...

Way cute I can't wait! I was trying to think how to make a little doll that looks cute maybe I will try that. Love the potato head! You are so crafty! I wish you could come stay the summer with me!

Ashlee said...


The Whitten Family said...

These are GREAT! I may have to steal...Such a lovely, talented lady!