Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot 2009

Rather last minutely I decided to run the Thoroughbred 5K classic (aka Turkey Trot). After trying to convince my friends and husband into running with, no luck, I went ahead and registered for the race. So today was the day. After waking up super late and rushing to get out the door to not miss the start I turned out to be a lot of fun. The forecast looked bleak last night, but I turned out to be perfect running weather. The race was held at Keeneland race track (beautiful) right here in Lexington. One other friend showed up this morning to run the race and I saw him moments before the start but last him in the sea of people, but it's not like I could have kept up with him anyway.

The starting line. I was way in the back.

I'm in there somewhere. Lots of runners about 2,000.

Just after the first mile marker.

The cheering section. Amber and Greg, Noel's fans and Brynlee for me!

It was a really fun race. Very laid back and friendly. There was even a lady that drove a mini horse pulling a buggy way in the back!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Susie said...

You sure are running lots! Any idea why I can't see any of your pictures?

Ashlee said...

I really do wish I ran the 5k especially since Angela dogged me Thursday morning:)We were actually taking family pictures at Keeneland while the race was going on. It looked fun.

and I can't see your pictures either:(

angela said...

I'm glad everyone else can't see your pictures... I thought I was the only one.