Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Some New Things

Brynlee is 7 months old and as adorable as ever! She is trying really hard to feed herself and crawl. She is getting pretty good at the army crawl and almost, so close to real crawling. Now if she can just grow some hair!

My dear lawn mower abscessed husband has found a gem! He is in love! He picked up this red beauty last week and I must admit it is rather fun to ride around the yard.

****I guess I should have explained the lawn mower situation a little more. We have a huge shared back yard, which is great. We don't have to mow it, which is great. Bryce buys lawn mowers fixes them and sales them on craigslist. We have 4 push mowers and 1 riding lawn mower, which is not great. Our yard looks like a junk yard. So lame! Please please come get these darn lawn mowers!

The dresser in the background had been my project the last couple of days it. I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't. It was pretty sad, but it is going to be so cute! I am really excited about it. Here is your sneak peak, stay tuned for the final product.


Susie said...

How big is your yard, and is it shared? Does Bryce just mow it all for fun?

Jared was so bald forever! This is him at 6 months:
So Brynlee seems to be keeping up just fine. Don't worry, she'll get some. By the time she's 3 :)

Can't wait to see the dresser. Ah, the days when little fingers didn't touch my projects! I have a dresser I need to work on for the baby, but haven't worked up the nerve.

Joy said...

Brynlee is so cute! I loved that your husband is obsessed with lawn mowers - how weird!

angela said...

I had no idea Bryce bought lawnmowers only to resell them. Why is he going to be a dentist again?? Too funny.