Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Vacation (part 2 of 3)

The Jones' have been on another grand adventure! For a month we lived out of suit cases, slept on an air bed, shared a room, eat like kings and had a BLAST!
(I am still working on going through pictures, among other things like laundry and housework, so I am starting in the middle of our vacation, sorry for the chronological mess.)

First up on part 2 of our adventure

What better way to spend a summer evening than watching an American past time, with your family, from the 5th row! Bryce wanted to go to game while we were visiting my parents and my dad came through big time. He got the tickets from a friend and they were truly amazing! The tickets came with a parking pass, buffet in the club house and private bathrooms underneath the stands. Brynlee was so good and was even a TV star for a few seconds. She got her picture on the mega screen and Bryce and I soon followed. We got picked for the kissing cam and Bryce did not waste the chance to lay one on me, I tell ya.

My mom knows all the stuff to do with kids in the summer, after living in AZ for 30 some odd years with kids, and suggested we take a few hours and check out the natural history museum. She even scored us some free tickets. Thanks Mom, it was a great way to beat the heat if only for awhile.

My adorable Grandma turned 90 years old! Check out that cake. Fire hazard! We love you grandma. By the way, great party!

Another great score by Mom and we were off to the science center for and afternoon. What a great place! Growing up I had been there a few time and always had fun, but, Bryce had a blast! In fact, he had so much fun, we went twice!

Stay tuned for part 1 and 3 soon!
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Lckevan said...

My dad called me a couple weeks ago and said he saw you guys on the big screen at the game. He got tickets from his work I guess. Pretty cool.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

How FUN!!!

Susie said...

We had those same seats at the D'backs once--we scored them from my dentist because he felt sorry for me (I was pregnant and had lots of painful work done). They were freakin' awesome! Right behind the 3rd base line dugout, right? Gordy & Tulu took us once and we were right behind home plate. I'm sure they cost more than the dugout seats (we were just a few seats away from John McCain that night), but the dugout seats were WAY better.
I'm still bummed that we missed seeing you. Brynlee's a doll!