Friday, June 26, 2009

Bye Bye Sweet Cousins

My brother Ken and his family packed up the Excursion this morning and are starting their three part journey to Germany. It was well worth switching my plane tickets and flying alone with Brynlee to hang out with my brother and see my adorable niece and handsome nephews. My sister in law is amazing and it is always good to hang out with her too. I'm so glad that Brynlee got to meet her cousins and take some stinking cute pictures in Grandma and Grandpa's front yard with them.
Brynlee and I are really missing Bryce. We wish that he could have come out with us but we are looking forward his arrival in Arizona next week. We have lots of adventures plan once he gets here, so stay tuned.
My parents computer is not performing at full capacity right now so we haven't been able to upload pictures, but I promise they are coming. Bryce will be here July 2 with the laptop. Yay!

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Susie said...

I am SO sad and jealous! I wish we could have been there, too. I can't wait to see pictures!
Your mom says you'll be leaving Phoenix on the 18th. Is that right? We'll be getting there the evening of the 16th, and heading to Snowflake on the 17th. I hope we will cross paths!