Thursday, April 16, 2009


Calling all blogger and fans of Brynlee. I have entered Brynlee in a cutest kid contest for Simply Lulu boutique. I NEED you to vote for her for her to win. She is the cutest kid by far so the choice is easy.

Here's what you do. Click here and leave a comment that your vote is for Brynlee. That's it.

Thanks a bunch! Don't forget to vote!!


Susie said...

I voted!
Poor little Elsie hasn't gotten any votes. No sympathy votes from me though.

Kirstyn said...

Hey Laura, Your little Brynlee is so cute. How fun for you guys. I showed grandpa your blog. He couldn't believe how easy it was to get on it. It was cute. Looks like you guys are happy over there. Enjoy it. It goes by quick:)

Jacklyn said...

I voted I hope you win cause Brynlee was for sure the cutest...of course

lindzandrob said...

Lora! Your little girl is so adorable! I will most definitely vote for her! I'm glad I found your blog!