Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Ready

We bought the seeds, planted them, added water, gave them some light and now we are ready for spring!
Bryce and I really love to garden. He does the veggies and I do the flowers. This year we are really going all out. We started the seeds indoors from seed instead of getting the bedding plants. We were really excited when they started to grow taller and taller, but then they were looking kind of sad. They all fell over and went limp and pale.
Luckily the garden guru, Bryce's mom, came for a visit and now our plants are looking great. She told us that the problem was light. Our little plants needed more. With Denise's design, Bryce and his dad constructed a light stand to hang over the plants. Now our little tomatoes and squash are looking green and ready to be moved outside.
The ground was pretty hard and Bryce really had to work to get the plot dug but we are so excited to get those little plants in the ground. (The picture is crappy cause I took it from the upstairs window.)
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Lil Lancaster Fam said...

Oh man wish I had a garden this year!! We keep missing garden season with our moves this time of year. Today I kept telling Ken as we walked downtown how much I wanted to buy up all the plants and flowers. I really wanted to plant a garden this year. Crossing fingers for next year.