Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Shower #2

Today, the girls at work had a baby shower for me. It was really fun! Since it's a dental office 90% of us are female and the shower was "no boys allowed" so the doctors went out to lunch. Us girls stayed at the office during lunch and had cake and I opened presents. I got some really good stuff! Lots of really cute presents and also a lot of very useful practical things that we really needed. She got more clothes to add to her wardrobe and she finally got some gowns and sleepers! Gift cards are always great! I got two of them to gap and one to target. I got a car seat bundler thingy that is going to keep her so nice and warm in the chilly winter. I even got a money tree but I think all the fruits will be plucked before the baby is here. It is also my last week at work so it was also my going away party. Everyone has been so good to me here at this office and I will miss them and all the funny things that happen. I promise I'll be back with a baby in tow for all of you to see soon.


N & M Johnson said...

Speaking of your office. Do any of the dentist there take medicaid. Since we aren't going home for Christmas I can't get my sister in law to clean my teeth and they are seriously buggin me. I need them cleaned bad. So just wondering if someone there takes it?

Jacklyn said...

Hey Lora I am just blog stalking you haha mine is
I hope your having a fun trip see ya soon!