Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Gap Brynlee!

Oh and the baby section, HUGE!! They have the most adorable clothes! These clothes that I got her we all $1.99 to $4.99!
(I think I need to lay off the pink, shesha!)

Check out these boots! So cute and $2.99!

I'm fairly positive that Brynlee with be decked out in Gap quite often.

If anyone wants to visit us make sure to fly into Cincinnati and bring some extra cash so we can hit up the outlet on the way home!
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Beauties and the Beast said...

Lora, you look so cute!! So skinny with this kick ball in you tummy. Darling! Shopping for girls clothes is the funnest - especially when you find everything so cheap. Welcome to the world of pink, pink, and more pink!!

Nate and Mallory Johnson said...

Gotta love that gap outlet up there. I got Mat clothes when we went up, sad to say, I don't wear them because I feel like I am cutting of the circulation to the babies head (the baby is down and the band to the pants runs below my belly). Anyhow all her little clothes are super cute. You don't need to lay off the pink, she's a girl. Trust me there is nothing in his closet but blue, green and some black. Boys are too difficult and definitely not as cute. Live it up now, by the way. When your where I am at, you might not be so happy or comfortable. I have have 11 days left!!!! reality check!!!! freaky!!!!

Jaimee said...

Yea for a baby girl!! We miss having you guys for our neighbors a lot. Hope everything is going great. Tell the Newsomes hi for us.

Amber said...

I absolutely love those boots! Little girl clothes look like so much fun.