Sunday, October 19, 2008

Court Days

Court days is held the 3rd weekend in October every year. The little town of Mt. Sterling KY, population 6,317, is packed with 130,000 people during court days. They say at court days you can buy, sell and trade almost anything. Bryce being super yard sale man was very excited and I must admit that it sounded pretty cool.

So Saturday morning, after I did some hair, we headed to Mt. Sterling. We knew we were in for something exciting before we even got off the freeway. The off ramp was backed up so far with people going to Mt. Sterling that there were cars lined up in the "safety lane" lane down the freeway. We then made our way down town and paid $5 to park in someones front yard and walked about 1/4 mile to the festivities.

What a sight to see! There were people every where! Tents as for as the eye could see! People with arm fulls of puppies! Guys carrying gun for sale of trade! Boy Scouts selling water from a cooler in a wagon! A guy with a million balloons! Kids with sticky blue cotton candy faces! It was really nuts!

So we look at each other and then start walking up and down the miles or disorganized tents. It was like watching every infomercial you have every seen in your life in and hour! "Sham-WOW! picks up 3 times its weight in liquid!", "Make salsa in 5 minutes with this chopper!", "You have never seen a carpet cleaner like this!", "Do you have a scratch on your car?". I was floored but that's not all. The had socks, dog bowls, hair ties, t-shirts, knock off purses, tools, cold medicine, make-up, crafts, food, guns, hermit crabs, antiques and anything else that you can think of.

At one point Bryce looked at me and said, "this is the source of all yard sells!" Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Needless , I think we were the only people that left court days empty handed. On the way home we decided that court days was one of those thing that you go to one time to have a true Kentucky experience and that's all.

Go ahead and Google Court Days in Mt. Sterling, KY. You know you are curious now!

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The Reynolds Family said...

I'm so glad you got the Court Days experience!!:) I agree that there is nothing like it!! Did you know the Montgomery County schools get out for Thursday and Friday because of it?