Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Camping in Kentucky!

Last weekend we went camping with some friends at Boonesboro Campground outside of Richmond, KY. It was really fun, however a lot different that Bryce and I were used to. The campground that we went to had mini golf! Yes that right. It was also the weekend that this campground has Octoberfest and decorates all the trees with orange Christmas lights. They had inflatable Halloween characters and spooky music playing to add to the serene tranquility of the camping experience. It seemed as if we were the only people there without a trailer and golf cart. Oh and the trailers were all decorated too. (Just getting ready for tricker treaters I guess.) The campground had running water in the restroom. (Which turned out to be nice since this pregnant lady has to tinkle every 10 minutes, I swear.) We has dutch oven for dinner Friday night, yum, and pancakes Saturday morning ,a must for camping. We found the KY river the next morning and you can kind of tell in the pictures but it had fog over it. The people in the picture by the table and chairs are Carlos and Oma Lopes. They got baptized not to long after we moved into the Tates Creek Ward. All and all it was a good camping trip!
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Nate and Mallory Johnson said...

Your nuts for camping while your pregnant! If you went that means you haven't hit the mark where no matter how or where you lay, you hurt every where. In time, you'll feel it. It's AWESOME!!! Just kidding it sucks. I can't wait until next summer so we can camp and I can actually sleep!

Amber said...

I was thinking just the same thing as the above comment. Good for you for camping while pregnant! Sounds fun!